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Transit Time : Est 24 Days

Validity: 01 Mar 2021 TO 31 Mar 2021


SUBJECT TO COURIER FEE: USD35 PER HBL when destination local charges if prepaid, DDC: USD28.10 PER RT (LAX & LGB) & USD31 PER RT (For all other destinations in USA),AMS FILING FEE: USD30 PER SET (prepaid), ISF FEE: USD50 PER SET (G.Cargo) or USD150 PER SET (P.E/HHG) (prepaid), WEIGHT RATIO of 1 CBM : 363 KGS APPLICABLE FOR ALL INLAND DESTINATIONS, ISF must be filed by shipper/cnee 24 hrs before Export vessel eta Singapore. Any late filing done by
shipper/cnee would be for the account of booking party/shipper at origin. Cnee must have clearance formalities completed before shipment can be on forward to final destination. REQUIRES: Fumigation (ISPM 15), a copy of commercial invoice & packing list prior to loading. HBL MUST INDICATE: AMS & DDC to be prepaid or collect must be stipulated on the body of the HBL, Cnee contact number , HS (NCM) 6 digit code, HBL number & SCAC code used for AMS filling. SUBJECT TO APPROVAL: Dutiable cargo, bare units & unstackable cargo, personal effect shpts, per pkg above (2.4m x 2m x 2m & 2 ton (via Lax) & 4 ton (via Nyc) & Any shipment with Hbl total volume: above 20 cbm or above 9 ton is subject to approval with additional charge of USD11.80 RT (Ratio: 1m3 : 363kgs) applicable on top of our standard tariff rate. Please check prior to loading.