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Transit Time : Est 24 Days

Validity: 01 Mar 2021 TO 31 Mar 2021


All Inland cargo subject to weight ratio of 1 CBM:333 KGS, REQUIRES: Fumigation (ISPM 15), a copy of commerical invoice & packing list provided prior to loading. Customs clearance must be completed by consignee at port of entry prior to on carriage of goods to final destination. HBL MUST INDICATE: Cnee contact number & HS (NCM) 6 digit code. SUBJECT TO APPROVAL: Hazardous (DG) cargo (inclusive of batteries), dutiable cargo, Personal Effects and House Hold Goods. Please check prior to loading at origin. Any shipment exceeding Weight per pkg: 1000 kgs, maximum gross weight per shipment 350 kg per cbm, Length 2 m and above must obtain approval prior to loading as additonal cost will be applicable on booking party/shippers account. STRUCTLY NOT ALLOWED: ORGANIC PHYTOSANITARY, VETERINARY and PERSONAL EFFECT CARGO CONTAINING FOODSTUFF for both man and animal consumption which includes Medicine