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Transit Time : Est 24 Days

Validity: 01 Mar 2018 TO 30 Jun 2018


REQUIRES: Fumigation (Normal), commerical invoice & packing list. HBL MUST INDICATE: Cnee contact number & HS (NCM) 6 digit code and marks and number, NOT ALLOWED: Nil mark/No marking on both physical cargo & bl, USD 60/ Shipment will be imposed for labelling fees. SUBJECT TO APPROVAL: Hazardous (DG) cargo (inclusive of batteries), dutiable cargo, foodstuff & veterinary products ( Must be stuffed at doorway ) & personal effects, Alcohol beverages inclusive wine cannot exceed 15% alcohol percentage and requires special customs procedure and sanitary certification. Any shipment exceeding Weight per pkg: 1500 kgs, Dimension per pkg: (L: 2.5 meter x W: 2 meter x H: 2 meter) must obtain approval prior to loading as additonal cost will be applicable. Cnee must complete customs clearance and formalities at POD in order for shipment to be on forward to final destination (custom seal will be collected at cost if cnee request custom clearance to be done at final destination)