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Transit Time: Est 18 Days

Validity: 23 Jul 2018 TO 31 Aug 2018


ENTRY FEE: USD75 PER SET on cnee account.

MANDATORY: For all inland shipments: Consignee must have all clearance formalities completed & TAM (Turkish advance
manifest) filed 72 hours before vessel cut off date at POD, before shipment can be onforward to final destination, ADD: USD0.18 PER KG if weight exceed 2 ton applicable for inland cargo only.

REQUIRES: Fumigation (ISPM 15), a copy of commercial invoice & packing list prior to loading.

HBL MUST INDICATE: Cnee contact number, tax reference number (CR/BIN/CUIT/FISCAL/RUC &DV/CNPJ) & HS (NCM) 6 digit code & freight amount.

NOT ALLOWED: Animal & animal by products, dutiable cargo, foodstuff and veterinary products. 

SUBEJCT TO APPROVAL: Freight and additonal collect on behalf, hazardous (DG) cargo (inclusive of batteries), personal effect shpts, per pkg above (4m x 2m x 2m & 2.5ton). Please check prior to loading at origin.